Lucky Jet game

Lucky Jet: a way to have fun and earn money

New generation game

Player? Play! LuckyJet will help fans of gambling and intriguing entertainment not only to have an unforgettable time, but also to hit the jackpot. If you’re lucky…

The presented game is a hit of the Pin-Up casino and some other online gambling establishments. A player in a matter of minutes can lose everything or get rich. How to exclude the first and provide the second? Not as difficult as it might seem. However, we do not recommend blindly relying on luck. Neither the developer nor the casino gives any guarantees. It all depends on your skill, luck and luck. And also from the speed of reaction!

Lucky Jet is a game similar to “Aviator”, “Airship” and similar entertainment offers of modern casinos. For this reason, its popularity among clients of large market players like Pin-Up, 1xBet, etc. can be explained.

What should be considered during the game?

It’s simple:

  1. You need to follow the flight of a character named Joe. The player must, after the bet, have time to stop the process before the moment when the hero flies away. Otherwise, the full amount is transferred to the casino;
  2. One flight equals one round. As you climb, the multiplier increases. He will increase the amount of the bet if the player has time to exit the transaction.

The ratio is not limited. Before each round, the random number generator sets a certain limit. It’s impossible to guess. The player must approach the matter with a cool head and a sober mind, one must not succumb to emotions. Only in this case the probability of winning becomes high.

How much can you win in the Jucky Jet?

As much as you want. The maximum value of the multiplier is 200. That is, for example, in the best possible case, a player can bet, say, 10 conventional units, win 2000.

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How to win for sure?

No one can give guarantees of winning. It all depends on the player and his own tactics. We can recommend a conscious approach. This is the only way to expect success. There are strategies, but they don’t always work. Consider examples.

Strategies for Lucky Jet

Consider 2 examples:

  1. Careful game. The bottom line is to place bets and interrupt Joe’s flight each time with a multiplier value of no more than 1.1. It is unlikely that it will be possible to hit the jackpot, but it will be possible to provide a small, but stable income. It should be understood that Joe can let the player down and fly away even with a coefficient value of up to 1.1, so caution in this case is a subjective factor;
  2. Risky game. It all comes down to a conditional series of bets, for example, 100 rounds. The bottom line is the expectation of a coefficient of 50-100 or more (the decision is up to the player). Experienced players who have already managed to understand how the random number generator works, note that about once every 1-1.5 hours it gives out a multiplier of 100. We immediately advise you to accept the fact that the probability of “draining” the deposit when playing using a risky strategy is extremely high.

It is clear that you can choose something in between, for example, to wait within the framework of a conditional series of betting odds from 2-3. But even this approach does not guarantee that you will be lucky. We recommend that you take the game seriously, do not consider it as entertainment. Luck may smile, but there are no guarantees.

Players who value excitement and intrigue choose Lucky Jet for a number of reasons. Let’s talk about them.

What should be considered during the game?

The principle of impartiality prevails. This is possible thanks to the Provably Fair algorithm. It is he who is responsible for generating the multiplier. A specific value is set for each round, regardless of how the player acts. Everything is based on the probabilistic characteristics and decisions of the generator. The possibility of control by the online casino is excluded: Provably Fair cannot be hacked.

The key – the multiplier – is formed due to the interaction of four nodes. This is the server, as well as the devices of the first three players who managed to make bets before the rest. “Symbiotic” data is processed by the mentioned algorithm. The result is the formation of a key of 16 characters. Next, Provably Fair selects the flight duration for a character named Joe.

The peculiarity is that information about the key in encrypted form is immediately available to the player in the settings menu. The decoded version can be seen after the round. So, Lucky Jet is fair game. The casino cannot influence the results of calculations, encryption, etc. No interested player will change the course of the game under any circumstances.

Reason two: refunds in case of failures and malfunctions

In the event of technical problems, the player can count on a refund, provided that at the time the connection is disconnected, Joe does not reach the limit. In this case, the money will be transferred to the balance of the casino client.

The situation will be similar in the other case. If the failure is large-scale and concerns the failure of the gaming equipment, all bets are reset to zero, the funds are fully transferred to the players’ balances.

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