Jet X: Game Review by SlotJudge

Jet X Review by the SlotJudge Expert Team

Jet X: Universal Cash Game and Profitable Arcade Slot

Jet X developers decided to start 2022 with experiments. He bet on the game, he decided that it would bring good money because of its simplicity, uncomplicatedness and entertaining nature. Many players have already appreciated Jet X. There are those who withdraw good money. They do not use any universal strategies, because they simply do not exist. The secret to success is simple: you need to develop intuition. Each multiplier fixed in time provides an increase in the game balance.

The main task of the player is to have time to get out of the game before the explosion of a rapidly climbing aircraft. The multiplier increases while the aircraft is in service, but the algorithm can start self-destruction at any time. The “explosive threshold” is determined by a random number generator each time before the start of a new game round.

Jet X is an opportunity to test your own intuition and try your luck! If you value excitement and unpredictability, the game will appeal to you.

Play Jet X for free now

Where can I play Jet X and earn money?

The developer plans to transfer the game to the crypto-plane, but now it is also available for players who have at their disposal only ordinary currencies (rubles, dollars, euros). Currently, Jet X is represented in many modern online casinos. The policy of each determines the available methods of replenishment.

You can find the game at 1xBet, 1Win, Cbet, Bitcasino and other online gambling establishments.

How to play Jet X?

It’s simple: the player makes a bet, launches the plane. As he flies, the multiplier gets bigger. Before the start of each game round, the random number generator sets a peak value, at which point the aircraft explodes. The player’s task, as noted, is to timely stop the flight by fixing the multiplier. In this case, the accumulated coefficient will be applied to the bet amount. Otherwise, the latter will go to the casino.

After the multiplier is fixed by the player, the plane continues flying. If suddenly you said “stop” to yourself too early, that is, it turns out that the ship will reach an amazing height, and the coefficient will be tens of units, do not despair. The main thing is a positive result. And the outstanding result of the aircraft should not be regarded by you as a reason to bet too much next time.

So, the most important thing is the timely completion of the round. To play Jet X, you need a developed intuition, without which you should not count on success. Note that the search for patterns does not work. The reason is a random number generator, which is impossible to crack. Each time, in relation to a particular game round, it “works out” a unique value, which can be either relatively low (1.1) or quite high (40-50 or more). Which one was chosen “specially for you”? Nobody knows about it. Neither the developer, nor the administration of the casino, nor other persons potentially interested in a certain result.

Jet X: RTP (Return to Player) and Volatility (Level of Risk)

It has already been noted that the RTP in Jet X reaches 96%. This is an excellent indicator against the background of the fact that slot machines and gambling, where the return to the player is at least 90%, are recognized by experts as profitable. The level of risk is minimal, but it all depends on the behavior of the player. We talked about some strategies. Some provide the lowest possible risk, while others are unreasonably high. We recommend testing different approaches in the free version of the game, where bets are provided with virtual currency.

We recommend trying Jet X if you want to have fun and make money on it.

Theme of the game

The idea in Jet X is ordinary. The player, by pressing the button, launches the plane, which flies a distance determined by a random number generator before the explosion. The graphics are simplified as much as possible, but this does not make Jet X a game that does not deserve attention. The format itself can be considered unusual for the gambling industry. The developer paid special attention to the mechanics, not the layout. This can partly explain the popularity of the arcade slot.

There is no need to stress or worry about the process. It will only get in the way. It is only necessary to make decisions on the completion of game rounds in time. We already wrote that in this case, the bet made by the player is multiplied by the value of the coefficient displayed on the screen. In a different situation, the bet amount goes to the casino.

Mobile Device Compatibility

Jet X is available to players in any format. Users of mobile devices, regardless of the operating system and other features, can freely play and win at any convenient time, wherever they are.

Basic information about the developer

The creator of the popular crash game is SmartSoft Gaming. This is a relatively young company that entered the gambling entertainment market in 2020. Currently, the developer is the author of a number of popular games (more than 70) for risk takers who are able to make decisions in relatively stressful conditions. However, the most popular product among casino players is Jet X. The game has conquered tens of thousands of fans of excitement and risk with its simplicity, uncomplicatedness and the inability to predict the result.

A feature of Jet X and other offers from SmartSoft Gaming is support for multiple currencies (more than 90) and availability in 300+ online casinos.

Additional features of a unique arcade slot

All of them are presented in the basic version of Jet X. No add-ons are needed. What you will see on the monitor screen of a personal computer will also be shown by a smartphone. Functional restrictions on the criterion “device in use” are excluded.

Two coordinate axes

The vertical is the possible gain, the horizontal is the time in flight. But this is not the most important thing: it is enough to watch what is happening on the screen, take the money in time (until the plane explodes). Remember that the result depends on your intuition and ability to reason soberly in conditions of tension.

Possibility to place multiple bets

Within one round, the player can make several bets. This is a risk, so we recommend limiting yourself and not succumbing to excitement.

Automatic play

If you do not want to run each round on your own, you can enable automatic “play”. You will need to set the bet amount and exit level. For example, you can “tell” the system to bet one conditional unit in each round and fix the multiplier after reaching a value of 1.5-2 (or more, or less).

Automatic end of the round

Thanks to this function, the player can be completely distracted from the process: the system itself will take money every time the multiplier reaches a certain (specified) value. This is a subfunction of the previous function.

Free game for virtual money

To play Jet X for free means to evaluate your own perspectives, intuition, and also understand how everything works. We recommend that you practice in the demo version, and after that proceed to replenish the balance. It is not worth betting real money right away. You may be lucky, but we would not guarantee a win.

Max win in Jet X

We have already written that one bet can increase 10 thousand times. But this is a rarity: we do not recommend relying on extreme luck. It is better to take money when the coefficient reaches moderate values ​​(5-10). We advise you to wait for unlikely numbers only on the condition that you adhere to simple and high-risk strategies. For example, this is a situation when a player has planned a series of bets (100) for 1 conventional unit. But even in this case, the probability of reaching a value of at least 1000 by the multiplier is extremely small.

Verdict: to play or not?

Play. Jet X is a new game. However, it is quite in demand and popular. If you are not familiar with the game yet, we recommend it. You can find Jet X in any modern online casino. Get ready for an exciting and unforgettable entertainment!

Advantages of Jet X compared to similar games and other arcade slots:

  1. novelty and simplicity;
  2. opportunity to earn money while having fun.

A plus can be considered the ability to make several bets per round.

Players note that there are disadvantages. Most often in reviews and on thematic forums there is an opinion according to which the most serious drawback is mechanics. Players write that it is allegedly difficult. However, this is a subjective disadvantage: try playing Jet X in free mode to understand what we are writing about. It will take you 5-10 minutes to figure out the game.

Common questions, detailed answers

What does winning depend on?

From the multiplier and timely profit taking. Without intuition and the ability to predict, it will be difficult. Remember that the random number generator is responsible for everything. Predicting the moment of an aircraft explosion is too difficult.

What currencies are suitable for playing Jet X?

Everything from real to digital. However, we recommend that you first study the policy of a particular casino. The availability of individual replenishment methods depends on this. Somewhere they may only ask for digital currencies, but modern large casinos offer customers different ways to replenish.

How is it guaranteed to win?

You can deal with this if you familiarize yourself with the strategies we have reviewed. Also, earlier we gave useful tips and recommended exactly how to play Jet X in order to win.

The main thing comes down to the rejection of emotions and excessive passion for excitement. The head must be cold, and the mind must be sober. Only in this case, you can count on winning.

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